‘Cool’ Kids in a Tropical Summer

The weather is sweltering. Hot days. Some thunderstorms. And school holidays are almost here.

The prospect of keeping kids home and indoors almost guarantees some measure of boredom and restlessness.

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  • Can I drop my kids off in a cool place and have some quiet time with a friend ?
  • Can I get them involved in some physical activity ?
  • But outdoors ? No thanks !
  • How can they stay cool yet exercised in this heat ?


SingaporeforKids scopes out some Indoor activities you can plan with – and for – kids this summer … and stay cool !


Try Ice Skating !

Kallang Ice World has the largest ice-skating rink in Singapore, constructed to competition standards.


Singapore’s first Olympic-size ice skating rink at JCube Mall is 60m x 30m and can host recreational skating, figure skating, speed skating and ice hockey.


Check out other Indoor options.


Main picture is a collage from images off the net.