Specialty Stores & Sites

Food not freely found in supermarkets, from across the globe, here in Singapore. With the added convenience of online shopping and home deliveries in some cases.


Ryan’s Grocery

A boutique Grocer and Butcher catering to the discerning foodie with exquisite tastes or special dietary requirements’. A son’s intolerance to dairy products, gluten, nuts, soy, egg and yeast sparked a search for suitable quality food and along the way, the parents met people on paleo diets, raw diets, low sugar diets, gluten-free diets and many others with no diets, who simply want good quality natural food. They developed relationships with several small batch specialised producers in Western Australia, and what started out as a hunt for tasty food that the whole family could share, soon became a business.



Midtown Mart

A Japanese marketplace from Tokyo, the Japanese products range from confectionery to snacks to household goods. New products every week, a wide selection of coffee and tea from Japan & exclusive products handmade or produced in Kyoto.

Latest shipments from Japan come in on Tuesdays.



Poppy & Co.

Fresh, quality, organic Açaí berry wild harvested straight from the Amazon forest. For those seeking this antioxidant superfruit for breakfast bowls, smoothies and juices, these berries are organic, GMO-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and free from preservatives, stabilizers, additives, sweeteners, allergens and emulsifiers. Pasteurised and raw berry pulp, sorbets and berry powder.


Mofo Chili

Purely for chili lovers who need that ZING, these chili pastes promise that you will ‘feel the burn only 3 to 5 seconds after you have consumed it, and feel it disappear 10 seconds later!‘ The pastes (Final Destination, for the fearless, Dodge the Bullet, for that ‘tinge’ of fire and Mofo Gunpowder, for chili lovers) are versatile and suitable for cooking, marinating and dipping, without changing the taste of the dish. Also halal and vegetarian friendly. The brainchild of two sisters who have an extreme passion for chili !




Home made almond butters for those with peanut allergies. Contains no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives and can keep up to a month in the refrigerator. Made in small batches with no more than six ingredients per recipe.



Secrets Fine Food

Artisan products sourced directly from the best terroirs and soils such as Italy, Scotland, Ireland or France. Cheese, dairy, delicatessen, grocery, bakery, meats, seafood and organic fare.



Little Farms

Singapore’s ‘friendly neighbourhood market’, specializing in all natural produce – carefully selected, ethically sourced – meats, seafood, dairy and grocery. Produce is flown in daily from Australia, Europe and beyond. Crazy about avocados which are sourced from Australian farmers, with the guarantee of exceptional quality 365 days a year. Offer recipes, updates and stories as well. Three stores with in-house kitchens.



The French Grocer

An online gourmet supermarket, offering ‘restaurant-quality’ food at lower prices, French desserts, French and Italian cheeses, meats, seafood … along with personalised service from Guillaume Gallet.



John’s Premium Market

A monthly gourmet, home decor and accessories market, held in various locations. Details on the website.




This family-oriented market gets its name from the local term for ‘market’ (pasar) and the Italian descriptor ‘beautiful’ (bella).

A community-based, open-concept market and a grocery shopping destination of over 30 stores, PasarBella stocks both local and international brands and products that are niche and exotic in nature.

Fresh seafood, meat, dairy and produce, wines and craft beers, global cuisines and personal services, PasarBella offers a unique family market experience – with live music and buskers.



Gourmet Shop

Edith Lai and chef Sir Julien Bompard, (of the renowned Le Saint Julien Restaurant), are gourmet food & fine cheese specialists, importing directly all of their cheese selection from France.



The Butcher

Fresh gourmet meat products, a range of ‘ready-to-go’ meals and traditional meat lines, sauces and condiments, Australian & New Zealand wines, cheeses, mustards, chutneys, sauces & dressings, Aussie pies & sausage rolls, seafood, organic meats and barbecues … and home delivery.


Oh Deli

Extra virgin olive oils, jams, relishes, chutneys, sauces and dressings and fruit wines from Australia.



One-stop online shopping through an interactive website, with fresh food sourced worldwide. Meats, seafood, fine food and wines. Condiments, pastas, jams, oils, vinegars, cheeses, pates, olives, pastries, truffles, mushrooms …



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