Is Gaming good for children ?


A recent study by Oxford University has revealed that moderate video gaming has a positive effect on children’s emotional and mental well being.

The study analyzed data from 5,000 mixed gender children from Britain between the ages of 10-15, 75% of whom claimed to be users. The conclusion : “young people who indulged in a little video-game playing were associated with being better adjusted than those who had never played or those who were on video games for three hours or more.”

Computer gaming has entered the mainstream. Not partaking in moderate gaming could be detrimental to the next generations ability to fit in with peer groups and modern society. Playing the latest PlayStation 4 games

(List of Latest Games) or joining an online gaming community has proved to be an enjoyable way of bonding with friends.

Moderate video gaming is participatory, rather than mindless, it is a social pursuit, whether virtual in a shared MMORPG world, or played alongside friends and family.

From the data collected, one hour a day seemed to be the ideal time spent gaming. However, this could be nothing more than the current socially acceptable amount. One conclusion seems to be that gaming doesn’t negatively affect children, it is their obsession with it – or not – that makes them either ‘well balanced’ or ‘maladjusted’ in societal terms, and it can be interpreted as a boon for introverts.

It is interesting to note that gaming platforms are now being used to effectively treat mental health problems. Its combination of fun aesthetics with reward based quests have proved  therapeutic and patients, aka gamers, have been found to be more likely to embrace treatments like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. The National Institute of Health in the UK has funded a study on the premise that “Gaming technologies may offer promising new ways to supplement traditional medical care.”

SingaporeforKids believes that today’s children live in a world substantially different from the ones their parents inhabited. As in everything, moderation is the key. Parenting in today’s times combines guidance with supervision (the nature of which varies depending on the age of the child). As parents ourselves, we believe we need to keep ourselves apprised of developments, studies, trends and current thinking.

We hope this article provides an hour or more of reflection and discussion.

Reproduced from an article by Callie Payne, the games and gadgets expert at PricePanda. It has been edited, with permission. Pictures supplied by PricePanda.

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