Is Entertainment always Entertaining ?

Introducing Nandini Ganesh, an almost-eleven year old and a passionate animal lover. SFK embraces any one, and especially children, who are vocal, thinking, fired-up about causes and willing to voice their opinions. Read on …


Circuses have been one of the popular places for people looking for entertainment. Because it has animals. But have you ever wondered how animals are trained to do this ?

circus-elephantThey are whipped and slashed and forced to entertain an audience and kept in small cages they can barely move around in.

Animals such as elephants are born in captivity and forced to grow up around humans in an unnatural, stressful, environment.

When animals aren’t training or performing, they spend most of their lives in isolation.

They are chained and stuck in cages or small areas, with barely enough space for them to move around.

Trainers use whips, tight collars, muzzles, electric pods, bull-hooks, and other painful tools of the trade to force animals to perform.


If you think about animals and circuses, it’s like watching a toddler perform, doing cartwheels and stunts. How would a human being feel if he or she was beaten, drugged, and dragged away from his or her family and home, just to wear fancy costumes and dance on stage ?

I think there are other ways animals can be trained.

We all know that animals are clever and fast. Most are so intelligent, they are used to help humans in their global concerns around the world, like sniffing out bombs or working in fire stations or personally, like guide dogs for the blind. Training an animal isn’t easy because they come from a place where they have their own rules, where they can live freely and comfortably with their own family, and in their own habitat.

Animals also have feelings, leave alone fear. They know what it feels like to have their heart racing, blood pumping in their ears, mind spinning. We humans know how to use our voices and state our feelings. Animals don’t have that choice. 5333beb3b31bc.preview-620

Tigers are naturally afraid of fire, but are still forced to jump through hoops lit on fire, and they have been burnt doing so. Animals also tend to have a natural fear of dark places. But the cages with animals inside are thrown away alone in the dark, scared and uncomfortable. Believe it or not, many mammals have a fear of heights. But the trainers have no sympathy. They are still forced to walk on a tightrope, climb on trapezes, ropes, things that they will consider a threat to their life.

There have been incidents where animals from the circus escape and go rampaging in public areas, running amok through streets, causing havoc to the public and crashing into buildings. These incidents are threats to the community. But is it the animals’ fault ? Is it their fault that they are stressed and defeated because of us ? These incidents only happen because of the persecution towards the animal. They feel sad, angry, stressed, which causes them to backfire. These actions are dangerous for humans and animals. But it isn’t the animal’s fault, it’s ours.

These are just some of the ways animals get abused around the world. Meanwhile, some animals might be dying because they’re in this condition.

The only difference between animals and humans is that we humans have a voice, and if we join our voices together, we can change the world. Animals can’t do that. Instead of using our voices to help animals, we are doing the exact opposite. Just because animals don’t speak for themselves, doesn’t mean we can shove them down a path they don’t want to go down. There is a human spirit inside every animal, full of hope, survival, bravery and beauty.

Animals have a life too. We humans started this torture towards animals and we are the only ones who can end it.

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