At the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

Pushpa Venkatraman, a lover of nature, writes about her evening walk, the setting sun and the Swiss Singapore Friendship Hike.

A walk in the twilight at the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve sounded interesting.

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

I try to visit it in the mornings at least once a week. But yesterday my husband and I decided to go at dusk. We had an hour before the park closed @ 7.00 p.m. What a different experience it was !

The loud chirping crickets communicating with each other in groups, the gentler sounds of cicadas … the sounds of birds and other species kept us company as we climbed. A wonderful experience, with the sun gently setting.

Swiss Singapore Friendship Hike

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is currently exhibiting signboards on the Swiss Singapore Friendship Hike which explains that both countries have been been friends for a long time and have many common values, with one very important one being treasuring natural habitats and investing in preserving these habitats.

Large display boards placed at various points of the climb by the road compare the animal and plant species found in Singapore and Switzerland. I learned that Serayas, the straight tall trees seen around the reserve, similar to the pines in Switzerland, grow as tall as 60m!

By Eddie Lee, from

One particular board that caught my attention was the one displaying the Colugo. I have been fortunate in sighting them a few times. They are quite hard to detect as they blend in with the bark of the trees. My first time was by chance, when a group of ladies was looking at them. It always gives me a thrill to watch animals in their natural habitat. When I passed on that info to a group of young children, they squealed with delight!

The gentleman at the reception of the Visitor Centre is a great source of information. He has several videos and photos of snakes (one that had climbed straight up a tree vertically was fascinating). He also has videos of other species that he’s spotted on his walks around the park. If you would like to know more, please do have a chat with him.

Having visited the reserve as a child it is wonderful to see Singapore has continued to preserve such forested areas for the next generation of Singaporeans and visitors to enjoy!


Fun Fact : The Colugo or Malayan Flying Lemur has large eyes and a pointed muzzle. It is either grey or reddish-brown above, mostly with irregular narrow black bands and streaks, white botches and a whitish eye ring.

Its limbs are long and its feet have large claws. There’s an extensive skin membrane stretching from its neck to forelimbs, between the digits, along the side of the body, the hind limbs and across the long tail. This membrane when spread open, enable the colugo to glide from tree to tree. Colugos have been observed to glide more than 100 meters.

– Wildlife Singapore

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