The Straits Times

Date: 14th Nov 2009 | Publication: The Straits Times

Still not inspired? There are other sources of holiday fun around.

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The Business Times : Heartfelt Ventures

Date: 6th May 2005 |Publication: The Business Times, Singapore

Some enter into business because they eye profits to be made. But others go into it for more altruistic reasons. PARVATHI NAYAR and CHEAH UI-HOON meet three such entrepreneurs who make stimulating children’s minds their top priority.

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The Finder : Just 4 Kidz

Date: March 2005 | Publication: The Finder, Singapore

Children’s birthday parties can be expensive and hard work. Here are some ideas to banish the birthday blues !

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The Straits Times : Website zooms in on fun outings for kids

Date: 19th Sep 2004 | Publication: The Straits Times, Singapore | By Jeremy Au Yong

If planning a weekend family outing with the kids usually involves a lot of fruitless head-scratching, then it may be worth your while clicking on to

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