If your pet goes missing, the first thing to do is …


  • Prepare a notice with a full description (name, colour, breed, sex and any distinguishing characteristics) and your contact details.
  • Pin the notices in suitable locations in your neighbourhood and drop it in letterboxes.
  • Put up flyers around the area where the pet disappeared and in pet clinics.
  • Search your neighbourhood thoroughly, especially late in the evening. Check playgrounds, parks, vacant lots and drains.


But the more practical consideration is microchipping your pet and registering with a pet data base.


A microchip is a bio-compatible grain-sized silicon chip encased in glass that is implanted under the skin of pets. It emits a radio-frequency when scanned by a special scanner and provides a unique 15 number code (ISO Standard 11874 /11875) – similar to an Identity card or passport number. Microchipping and Registration facilitates the recovery of lost pets and sorts out disputes/claims on pet ownership.


Singapore Animal Registry

Singapore Animal Registry

Some pets are escape artists, others just like to wander off … a frustrating and worrying situation to be in. Give your pets an identity – it helps find lost pets. Signing up with Singapore Animal Registry is free.

Pet Track TM is a pet recovery tool that uses GPS to find lost pets.

Pet Rego TM is a pet microchip registry data base.

Services :

  • Exact GPS location sent at the time the dog’s PetTrack™ tag is scanned
  • Automatic Shelter and AVA notification of pet loss
  • Automatic lost poster generation
  • Ability to link multiple PetTrack™ collars or tags to one pet
  • Email and SMS notification through PetTrack™ when the pet is found
  • With PetTrack™, anyone who finds a lost pets will be able to contact the registered owner immediately




Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Animals disappear for many reasons : they wander off, they may be spooked, or injured, they may run away or are stolen. A pet owner has to ensure his pet is safe – which includes ensuring that his pet is sufficiently identifiable, ergo the microchip.

The microchip has to be registered else it is useless.

Pets can be registered with the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore.




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