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For times when you need help – be it a pet, an animal you have chanced upon, wildlife or an intruder : these organisations are the first responders.



SPCA 24 hour Emergency Hotline

The SPCA helps sick, injured or distressed animals including cats, dogs and birds.

Response time ranges from between one and three hours and callers may be asked to stay with the animal until then or in some cases, transport the animal to a vet themselves.

Call and give details on the animal’s condition, its location, your name and contact number.

+65 62875355, extension 9




ACRES Wildlife 24 hour Rescue Hotline

Deals with wildlife such as birds, squirrels, pangolins, monitor lizards and snakes that are injured or outside their natural habitat.

Does not handle pets, stray dogs and cats.

Response time is between one and three hours. In cases that are not urgent, email them pictures of the animal, its location, your name and contact number.

When a snake enters your space …

Singapore has cobras, spitting cobras, pythons and a host of other snakes that might accidentally find their way into your homes or gardens.

Acres (Animal Concerns Research and Education Society) has a 24 hour hotline that provides assistance and advice.

+65 9783 7782



Cat Welfare Society

Cat Welfare Society

Offers guidance on how to help a sick or injured cat. A network of 1,000 + volunteers keep a lookout for cats in different areas. Ask to be put in touch with the nearest volunteer. Emails get a response in a couple of days.



For Animal Cruelty Matters

SPCA (Domestic animals)
+65 62875355 ext 9

ACRES (Wildlife)
+65 9783 7782

Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority
1800 4761600

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