15th Dec 2017 to 1st Apr 2018

The Prudential Marina Bay Carnival

The carnival is in town !

Time 4.00 p.m. to 11.00 p.m.
Address The Promontory and Bayfront Event Space The nearest parking facility is at the Red Dot Design Museum. Respective carpark rates apply.

The carnival features over 40 rides and games, many of which have been brought into Singapore from various European countries - including the U.K, Germany and Italy - for the very first time to excite thrill seekers and childlike revelers.

This includes The Star Flyer, the tower ride that enables visitors to take in an uninhibited 360˚ view of the Singapore skyline from a height of 35 metres while experiencing the sensation of flying and The Booster Maxx, an ultimate thrill ride which stands at a whopping 55 metres above ground rotating at a speed that can reach 96km/hour under eight seconds.

Families can enjoy timeless classics such as the Log Flume with its gentle turns before heading down to a big splash at the end, the Das Fun Schiff pirate ship that takes riders on a voyage as the vessel soars high above while swinging back and forth, and the Apple Coaster where little ones can buckle up and get their first orientation to a rollercoaster ride.

The Marina Bay Carnival features Singapore’s largest collection of over 30 carnival game stalls catering to adults and children of all ages, with over 1,200,000 licensed plush toys up for grabs.

Entry to the carnival is free. Rides and games are experienced through tokens purchased through the carnival's RFID Cards.

Guests can top up their cards directly at the event sites.

The carnival is wheelchair friendly.