15th Oct 2017 to 15th Oct 2017

The Tale of a Lake (film)

 A stunning visual, informative feast for children.


Time 2.00 p.m.
Address The Projector, Green Room Level 5, Golden Mile Tower, Beach Road

Part of the Finnish Film Festival, Singapore 2017, this is a film for all ages.

This 76 minute film is about the thousands of lakes that Finland is known for, from the crystal clear springs to the basins of big lakes, told through tales based on myths, legends and old beliefs from Finnish mythology.

"A film of astonishing grandeur, TALE OF A LAKE takes us on a plunge into the icy waters of Finland. In this land of 190,000 lakes, endless misty forests, and burbling brooks, water is forever reborn. English narrator Jonathan Hutchings accompanies us along the cyclical path of a tiny Finnish mythological water spirit. We learn that ancient Finnic people considered the swan their divine ancestor, the elk their guardian spirit. Miraculous cinematography by Teemu Liakka captures mysterious loons and mischievous otters, up-close and personal. We marvel at the building skills of busy beavers—the engineers of the eco-system—as well as toad wrestling matches and water insect ballets. There is even poetry to be found in the hatching of fish eggs. Lush symphonic sound by composer Panu Aaltio adds to the thrilling sensory experience of TALE OF A LAKE. Not just a hydrobiologist’s dream, this film will carry viewers of all ages along its course, revealing the power of flowing water that teems with eternal life. (Narrated in English) —B.B." - Cleveland International Film Festival