1st Apr 2017 to 31st Jul 2018

SCA Nike Sport Camps 2017

Improve your skills, have a blast !


Phone No +65 3163 5249 (Singapore) & +66 600035 882 (Thaila
Time Various
Address Various

SCA Nike Sport Camps cover the sports of Tennis (in Phuket, Thailand), Mountain Biking (in Singapore), Soccer (in Phuket, Thailand), Swimming (in Phuket, Thailand) and Trampoline (in Singapore).

Both half and full day camps, depending on the sport and age group, the aim is to stimulate a love for sport in young athletes by showing them how to accelerate their own progress and success. By working with the country’s best coaches SCA offers an unforgettable camper experience—no matter what the age or skill level.

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Gain confidence in the game, take it to the next level

Master the fundamental skills necessary to achive your goals

Experience game competition against other players of the same ability

Establish lasting frienships and have serious fun