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FOR STARGAZERS : There are planets, star clusters, star clouds and galaxies and to be seen and experienced when the sky is sufficiently clear. Astronomical wonders are often visible in Singapore if you have the patience and awareness to spend a few seconds every day to just look up and check the condition of the sky.


Science Centre

Science Centre Observatory

Hosts free stargazing sessions attended by between 150 and 200 people every Friday at its Observatory. Its location next to the equator allows stargazers to view constellations in both the northern and southern celestial hemispheres.

State of the art facilities, star maps, elaborate telescopes and a classroom for astronomy lessons, slide shows and public talks.



CC Galaxy

The Galaxy CC Observatory

Weekly star-gazing, every Friday and Saturday.

7.30 p.m. to 9.30 p.m. @ Woodlands Galaxy CC Level 6 Rooftop, Woodlands Galaxy Community Club, 31 Woodlands Avenue 6



Astro SG

Community Astronomy

A not-for-profit initiative focused on promoting astronomy in Singapore through innovative means. Managed by volunteers.

Most of the community astronomy groups listed on the site offer regular – often weekly – free stargazing sessions for the public. Check out their twitters and blogs for upcoming  sessions.




Astro SG

A web journal of an amateur astronomer focused on raising public awareness of astronomy in Singapore by conducting regular sidewalk astronomy sessions and encouraging other telescope owners to do so.

He suggests that good locations with dark skies – to stargaze – include the East Coast Park, Changi Beach, Labrador Park and the Marina Barrage.


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