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Dragons and Beasts in the Singapore Zoo

November 17, 2018 - December 31, 2018

Singapore Zoo

Enter a world of dragons, unicorns, basilisks, griffins and other mythical beasts … AND THEN meet their real-life inspirations !

Lifelike replicas of fantastical creatures now inhabit the Zoo, offering children and families the experience of a magical world with games, a creature researcher trail and a land of towering mythical beasts from the pages of legend.

Valley of Mythis

Explore the Valley of Myths which has 3D animatronic structures with sound, mist and movement and over 17 lifelike dragons and beasts.

Westeros’ Night King and Ice Dragon

Rumour has it that a fabled beast from Westeros has been spotted in Singapore Zoo — the Night King’s fearsome ice dragon, a life-sized replica of the creature from the hit HBO Original series Game of Thrones, complete with special effects. Meet the Night King himself, and his White Walkers. Redeem an exclusive HBO Game of Thrones pin on Dec 1, 2, 8 and 9 at the Frozen Tundra by posting a picture on Instagram with your favourite mythical beast or the Ice Dragon with the hashtags #Singaporezoo and #dragonsandbeasts.

Pogona @ the Singapore Zoo

Meet a real dragon – the bearded dragon, or pogona, from Australia. (Its name stems from its ‘beard’ — the underside of its throat — which can turn black and inflate when threatened or if it spots a potential foe, when they also open their mouths and hiss intimidatingly, adding to their dragonish appearance). Meet the Zoo’s pogona @ 10.15 a.m. and 1.30 p.m. (20 minutes per session) on weekends and on December 25th.

A Creature Researcher sheet, available @ the Pavilion (opposite Babirusa) helps children find out which real-life animals inspired dragons and other legendary creatures in the Valley of Myths. Clues lead you to the inspirations. Track them, find them, collect stamps and redeem a badge.

Play games at the Frozen Tundra featuring mythical beasts and their animal counterparts. Eye on the Prize’ mimics a black spitting cobra, which spits venom accurately into its prey’s eyes. This deadly creature possibly inspired legends of the basilisk, a reptilian beast that can kill its prey with a single glance.Throw balls at a target board — do you have the precision of a black spitting cobra?

Geckos detach and re-grow their tails when they are in danger — just like the slibinas, a multi-headed dragon from Lithuanian folklore, which regenerates heads that are cut off. Become a gecko in Shake It Off and see if you can shake off a detachable Velcro tail in 30 seconds.

Hunting with Horns : Similar to the mythical unicorn, white rhinos use their horns to dig for roots and small plants to eat. Wear a horn and transfer rings from a board into a basket, just like a white rhino.

Meeting the pogona, the Creature Researcher activity and Games are available on weekends and on December 25th.

Singapore citizens and permanent residents enjoy 45 % off every second ticket (adult or child) with every full-priced adult ticket purchased online.

Pictures and details from the Singapore Zoo website and The Straits Times


November 17, 2018  
to December 31, 2018
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Singapore Zoo
80 Mandai Lake Road 729826 Singapore + Google Map


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