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Environmental-friendly disposal : Did you know that telcos have the answer to safe-for-the-earth disposal of e-waste such as laptops, cables, phones, modems, headphones, chargers, thumb drives, routers, keyboards, DVD’s … you name it.


There is always something newer, more technologically necessary and have-to-own, upgrades, versions and state-of-the-art. Which results in huge amounts of ‘things’ that need to be jettisoned and we have reached crisis levels with the electronic junk we are accumulating. Here are three easy ways of getting rid of that maddening pile of stuff that we no longer want / need / have use for.



Their Recycling the Nation’s Electronic Waste programme (RENEW for short), offers more than 460 Renew bins in educational institutions, malls, government offices, community clubs and the Best Denki, Harvey Norman, Gain City and Courts stores. Partner DHL manages the logistics of collecting and delivering the e-waste from all the bins to an e-waste recycling facility.

Only lithium-ion batteries are accepted for disposal.



Their ReCYCLE programme with SingPost takes care of the disposal of internet-related e=waste at selected Singtel shops, Singtel exclusive retailers, post offices and SingPost Lock + Store outlets that have a ReCYCLE bin.

Alkaline batteries are accepted for disposal.



E-waste bins are located at M1’s headquarters and offices and selected M1 shops.

Alkaline batteries are accepted for disposal.

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