A staycation of a different kind.  Aabha shares her discoveries.  

Never Camped In A City Before? Here’s Your Chance!

In a bustling city, it is often hard to find a place where one can relax in the midst of nature and feel the stilling of time. However, at the East Coast Park, one can accomplish this feat. For those who wish for a quiet retreat close to the sea, camping in this park is a unique experience. 

Steps for setting up your very own camp are simple:

  1. Pack your tent, snacks, sleeping bags and other camping essentials. Check out this store for your camping needs.
  2. Go to your nearest AXS station and get a camping permit. This can be done online as well. The link for getting a permit is provided here.
  3. One can also book a barbecue pit which costs between $16 – $20  using this link.
  4. Head to the campsite and set up your tent. Camping areas are Area D and Area G.

Camping in East Coast Park has several perks.

For one, getting the permit is free.


The campsites are close to public toilets and showers as well as several eateries. Hence, a camper does not need to worry about these basic necessities. There are several activities for children such as cycling and skating. There is a skate rental place as well as a cycle rental station not far from camping area D. 




For those interested in a more luxurious kind of camping, glamorous camping also known as ‘glamping’ is available at this park. There are several companies that provide luxurious tents for the glamping experience close to Area G. Some of the suggested companies are Glamping City and Glamping Society. These companies also have specific check in and check out timings. One must book a tent in advance on the websites.


Some things to keep in mind:

  1. Only people with a valid residential address in Singapore can apply for a camping permit.
  2. For those who simply want to set up tents, camping area D is suggested as the facilities and eateries are more abundant.
  3. For those who want the glamping experience, camping area G is suggested for better customer service.
  4. The camping applicant must be at least sixteen years of age.
  5. A maximum of five people can stay in one tent.

Discovery, text and pictures by Aabha Hattangadi