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All about Pets

Remember they are a lifelong commitment ! They have feelings too. Do you have the time for a pet in your life? When choosing a pet, assess your lifestyle, budget, the temperament of the animal and any possible allergies that you have/might develop.

Adopt a Pet

Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD)

A non-profit organisation for the welfare of stray and abandoned dogs in Singapore.

Contact Person Sherry
Phone No +65 9452 3146 / +65 6100 2732
E-mail info@asdsingapore.com
Website http://www.asdsingapore.com

Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)

As a pet is a lifetime of commitment with considerable responsibilities involved, the SPCA may request family members and/or domestic helpers to come and view/interact/approve the animal to be adopted.

Address 31 Mount Vernon Road, Singapore 368054
Phone No +65 6287 5355 ext 24
E-mail shelter@spca.org.sg
Website http://www.spca.org.sg/gallerydog1.

Animal Lovers League (ALL)

Check out the online gallery of potential pets for adoption.

Address Pets Villa 61 Pasir Ris Farmway 3, Singapore 518232
Phone No +65 6755 1424
E-mail general@animalloversleague.com
Website http://www.animalloversleague.com/?

Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD)

Since Dec 2000, ASD has been actively rescuing, re-homing and sterilizing countless stray and abandoned dogs.

Mutts & Mittens

Not sure if you are cut out to be a pet owner or want to commit to a pet for a short time ? You can take a dog home, subject to an interview and approval.

Address 11 Pasir Ris Farmway 2
Phone No +65 6583 7371 / 6583 7372
E-mail enquiries@muttsnmittens.com
Website http://www.muttsnmittens.com/rehome

Noah's Ark Cares

Space in your heart and home ? Be inspired by one man's mission to provide a home for 800 dogs, 400 cats, 6 horses, a hutch of rabbits and guinea pigs.

Save our Street Dogs

A group of animal lovers seeking change for the innocent stray dogs on Singapore's streets, assisting in managing the integration and acceptance of mongrels into society. Their mission is to save street dogs and give them a chance in life by educating the public, rescuing and rehoming dogs and sterilising them.

Donate, foster, adopt, volunteer - there's lots you can do.

7 things to know before adopting a pet

1. History - ask about the animal's background.

2. Medical & Behavioural Assessment - make sure you understand what type of treatment is needed for any problems that have been identified, and find out what kind of behaviour you can expect at home.


10 questions to ask yourself before adopting a pet

Why do you want to adopt a pet ? The answer will help determine the breed that will suit your lifestyle.


Madam Wong's Shelter (MWS)

A non-profit shelter for abandoned, abused and rescued dogs and cats.

Gentle Paws Shelter

A non-profit shelter that houses more than 40 dogs, run by a group of dog lovers.

Zeus Communications

A non-profit organisation which set up Singapore's first canine blood donor database.

Voices for Animals (VFA)

A group of like-minded volunteers actively involved in animal rescue, stray feed and re-homing.

Save Our Street Dogs

It aims to be a unified voice and save street dogs to give them a chance in life.

Hope Dog Rescue

An informal group of animal lovers who rescue strays.

Three Legs Good

Dedicated to giving injured and disabled dogs a second chance at life, to raise awareness of the joys of adopting a mongrel and to encourag people to consider adopting rather than buying a pet.

Many dogs have been victims of accidents, yet have gone on to live full, happy lives as a family pet.

'Mongrel' is not a bad word. A mongrel makes a proud, loyal, affectionate, healthy and loving pet.

House Rabbit Society Singapore

HRSS is an all-volunteer, non-profit organisation dedicated to rabbit welfare and awareness, seeking to reduce the number of unwanted rabbits in Singapore and improve rabbits' lives through education.

This organisation rescues unwanted rabbits and finds new homes for abandoned ones. It relies on foster hoes that take in the rescued rabbits while they wait to be adopted.

Project JK

Set up in 2004, Projet JK or Just Kindness rescues, hrehabilitates and finds new homes for stray animals.


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