Things to See & Do : Indoors

There are many fun things for children (and adults) to do in Singapore, and often the weather affects the choice. When its time versus weather versus energy ... choose from these indoor activities based on personality and interests.

for Bookworms

For the child entranced by the magic of words ... and the worlds they conjure.

for Digital Thrills

There is hardly a child today who does not inhabit a digital world of some kind or the other ...

for Film & TV Buffs

The magic of the screen is unassailable and today's world is one of moving pictures and sounds ... ...

for the Active

For scientists, sportsmen and women, naturalists, the curious and the truly unruly's ...

for the Culture-ati

Theatre, dance, music, song, performance, magic and above all, make-believe ...

for the Enquirer

Why ? How ? What ? When ? The questions are endless - this is for those who want to know. (8 Nationa...

for the Gourmand

Food, glorious food ... get them interested and informed early.

For the Under - 5's

Malavika Nataraj, a mother of two under - 5's has a wealth of suggestions on what to do when the wea...

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