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More ideas and suggestions for kids ... and about kids

All about Pets

Remember they are a lifelong commitment ! They have feelings too. Do you have the time for a pet in ...

Apps for Kids

Some suggestions ... many math oriented ... gathered from different sources and recommendations.

Fun at the Malls

Trawling the mall is almost a national past time and can be therapeutic even with the kids along !

Internet Safety

The world at their fingertips. Is the world ready for them ?

Kiddie Specials

Sometimes, there is that little extra, a little something you can do that brings a spark into the da...


Where can you buy sheet music in Singapore ?

Night-time Activities

When the sun goes down, and the bright eyes and high energy levels need to be addressed, check out t...


People who specialize in capturing those special moments ....

Publications for Kids

A monthly newspaper for students, covering world affairs, business, the arts, sports, entertainment ...

SFK Suggests ...

Sites, thoughts, articles, news, information ... we think you will find this interesting.

Websites for Kids

Sites you and your kid may want to browse.

What's for Free ?

There are a number of things you can do which don't cost money - but are extremely enjoyable !

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