Shopping ... one of Singapore's national pastimes.

'Heartland' Shopping

Discover the bargains, where a ride on an MRT opens up a wonderland of retail.


"TV : If kids are entertained by two letters, imagine the fun they'll have with twenty-six. Open you...

Camping & Extreme Sports

Stores that offer just about everything for your camping and extreme sports needs....

Furniture & Accessories

The Singaporeforkids Classifieds is an exhaustive listing of products and services. Choose a categor...


Feed the passions, discover like-minded souls and find out what and where ...

Sporting Goods

There are so many kinds of sports to choose from ... what about where to get what you need ?


Quirky stores selling nostalgic and well-designed stationery, some with their own lines and product...

Trawl the Mall

There are malls and then there are malls. When kids are a part of the shopping experience, its good ...

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