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A City of Water

Singapore has 17 reservoirs, 32 major rivers and more than 7,000 kms of canals and drains - all form...


Singapore can sometimes seem a country of capitalised letters - PIE, CPE, LTA ... know them, use the...


Alternative forms of giving birth - the options available here.

Civic District Attraction...

Centrally located in Singapore, the Civic District houses government offices, museums, memorials, a...


Friends, support, involvement in the community ... all this in various cultural and nationality-base...

Community Organizations

Friends, support, involvement in the community ... all this in various cultural and nationality-base...

Cord Blood Banks

A source of a patient's stem cells can be his or her own cord blood which has been banked at birth.<...

Did you Know ... ?

Singapore, though small in size, is big in fun. There are many interesting facts you may not know of...


Hospitals and specialty centres, private, government funded and nonprofit organisations - healthcare...

Heritage Buildings

Traditional architecture in Singapore includes vernacular Malay houses, local hybrid shophouses and ...


Essential contacts ... you never know when you will need them.

International Schools

Schools for expatriates, offering a choice of US, Canadian, Australian, Indian or British systems of...


Singapore is very religiously diverse and spiritual exploration and beliefs go beyond Buddhism, Isla...


The colloquial English spoken on the island, the words originating from English, Malay, Hokkien, Teo...

Special Needs Schools

Privately run schools for children who may require different methods of teaching and learning.


The very basics ... where and what are the supermarkets available ?


Taxis, and luxury taxis ... premium services and more.

The Extras : there are peak period surchar...


Getting around was never so easy.

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World of Temasek : Online

Singapore history, online.

WWar II Heritage Sites

For those interested in history ... Singapore was the major British military base in Southeast Asia,...

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