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Late 1990's. Two mothers, new to Singapore, seek information. What can they do with children who want to 'have some fun'? There was fun to be had - all kinds of fun - but information wasn't easy to come by. So, pooling their passion and individual expertise, they decided to create something for all parents and kids in Singapore.

In 2004, their idea went online. SingaporeforKids.

A website by parents for parents. Around what to do and where to go, indoors and out. Interesting birthday ideas. Leisure and sport options. Social interaction. Pets. Facts. Holiday possibilities. Food choices. Sharing. Caring. And more.

What began as a simple site, chock-full of information is well on its way to becoming a community, a space for Singaporeans, expats, tourists, Mums, Dads and everyone in-between.

SingaporeforKids is now more than a website. We blog about events and issues that are current and relevant to bringing up a family in Singapore. Our social media network is growing. The site has been re-designed twice to take advantage of the opportunities and benefits of evolving technology. SingaporeforKids is all about what you can do with what we discover.

Information is currency in today's world and SingaporeforKids believes that everyone should be able to make an informed choice (whatever the choice). SFK sorts relevant information to make it efficient, quick and easy to find.

If you have ideas, suggestions, thoughts or comments, we would love to hear from you.

If you want your business to be listed in any of our sections, or want your product / event to reviewed, contact us for rates @ singaporeforkids@gmail.com

Many images of Singapore on this site are from Singapore Tourism Board and Wild Singapore, and have been used with permission.

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